Alfred | Fiestas

Among them "Moros y Christianos" commemorating the Reconquista (712-1492) and the many battles with pirates from Northern Africa who pillaged the coasts of the Southern Mediterranean for many centuries. On Saturday the Moors conquer the citadel, on Monday the Christians get it back - all with an enormous consumption of black powder.
Enter the "Filas"Representing their "Fila"Awaiting the PresentationIntroduction of the "Filas"LoadingHere they are!Approaching the CitadelHere come the MosqueterosThe bands retire to their "Filas"The Fila and its BandHere we go!SpectatorsThe Moros enter the CitadelPhotographersThe  Band plays a sad tuneThe Christians are leavingPaso DobleWatchingOffloading a BullShopping