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Trip: Zurich-Wassen-Sustenpass-Grimsel-Furka-Andermatt- Zurich.

Speeds: Mostly 100-120 km/h on motorways. Relatively prudent driving on the passes and on narrow stretches (Furka) due to heavy motorcycle traffic.

Recharged at Handeck, courtesy Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG. For Roadster drivers an additional 32A red CEE plug has now been made available at the Grimsel Hospiz. Both are nicely half way on this very beautiful alpine trip and allow recharging at very hospitable points of interest for a generous “return reserve”. The Tesla Roadster is very efficient on alpine passes and manages to recuperate substantial amounts of energy when running downhill. Some pictures I placed in my gallery. Upon returning to Zurich there were still 166 km of ideal range left - plenty for comfort. 



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